Friday, 19 December 2014

The Ankara wallet launch!- Now you can keep some swag where you keep your money!

It is no longer news that African inspired pieces are taking over the fashion space.

Grab a piece of the action by owning one of these finely crafted wallets. 

These wallets are sure to set you apart from the crowd and solidify your place as a true fashionista.

I’m so excited! I’m so excited! I’m so excited!  Oh my God! I can’t believe this day has finally come. The journey has been long and tedious. But from how it feels now I think it was worth it. Yay! I can now be veritably called an entrepreneur! Good bye ‘wantreprenueurship’!  Yes this is the official launch page of my wallet line! And yes you can officially say goodbye to boring wallets. Now you can keep some swag where you keep your money! Yay! Enough of being lost in the crowd, these wallets offer you an opportunity to stand out. What’s more? The emergence of these new wallets as a product has an interesting story behind it. Read about it here. It has been said that, most times it’s not just about the product but about the story behind the product.

I am convinced that I’m not doing this just for the money  because, truth be told, putting this project together was not easy. There were times I wanted to just throw in the towel and give up and simply contend myself with selling to friends, acquaintances and those within my circle of influence. At these times, money was no longer motivation enough. But because of the compliments I got from the bold and forward, and the admiring glances from the not-so-bold; the double takes I got whenever I brought out my wallet to make a payment or whenever I was simply clutching it, I was reminded that there might just be someone out there who would be really delighted to have this piece. And that person might only be reached by such means as this.

  • Maybe it’s someone out there who is sick and tired of an old boring wallet.
  • Maybe it’s someone who just needs to buy a special and unique gift for someone.
  • Maybe you are a party planner seeking something unique and different for a souvenir.
  • Maybe you are one who likes unique things and like to stand out from the crowd or you are just looking to spice things up.
  • Maybe you are just a collector or an ‘africanphile’ who likes to collect things with African themes or with a touch of Africa.
  • Maybe you are a Nigerian in Diaspora who has come home for a visit and are looking for a nice gift to take back with you abroad for your friends and family.
  • Maybe you are just someone out there who just needs an exotic accessory for your designer handbag.
  • Maybe you are even a procurement officer responsible for corporate souvenirs for your organization.  

Whoever you are and whatever your case may be, it is because of you that I followed through with this project.  And if you are that person, if I succeed in reaching you then I am fulfilled.
Okay let’s get down to the details

The wallets come in three designs… the first is the bi fold one with a lace design on the flap,

 this one is truly feminine.  But hey, the guys are not left out, the other two designs are androgynous (for him and her :-))

 so both men  and women can rock it! Don’t let the Ankara fool you; these wallets come complete with card slots, panels and money pockets which can also contain cheques and receipts. And the feminine one even has a purse section.
click here to buy

 If you are looking for a unique and unusual gift to surprise and delight someone special this Christmas, look no further. Not only is this wallet ideal, it also comes in a very lovely packaging.

 Yea! No cost was spared in this project. I didn't want to put anything mediocre out there so I made sure I had world class packaging. Wink* Yea, excellence is what we are all about! What’s more? After you have used the content of the package, don’t be in a hurry to dispose it. You might just be holding in your hands a jewelry box complete with a window! *wink*

Are you having an occasion soon, using this as your souvenir will surely be a news - maker.  Buying in large quantities will get you discounted prices! Email us at or call 08037901766. Let your taste for finer things shine through in your occasion.

Whatever the case, these wallets are set to transform you into a trendsetter. These head turning, conversation starting pieces are a must have for everyone. So why are you still reading this?! The first batch of production has already sold out. Head over to the online store and start shopping! Limited Stock available!

How to order
All you need to do is order online here and your wallet will be delivered to you, ready-to-use. Or you may call 08037901766.You can pay with any  bank's ATM card or via Quickteller.Your online payment is safe and secure as it will be executed by Guarantee Trust Bank. Click here to order now.

Some of you have indicated you would want to support me whenever I’m ready to launch so here is the account number 0154755156 MUA DESIGNS Guaranty Trust Bank. Thank you so much. And if there is any other person out there who wishes to donate to the launch, feel free to send in your support.

I want to thank God for making this project a success. I am so grateful. And to you my dear readers, I want to say thank you. Being able to write about my journey has been air under my wings. Besides I get a certain high from writing and because of you I’m able to write. So I want to say thank you for giving me the license to write!

I will also like to thank the CEO of Max & Stells for all his support. It was you who first believed in this venture and you were there to point me in the right direction all the way. I also want to specially thank everyone who has aided this project in one way or another. Space will fail me to mention all your names. I want you to know that I really do appreciate all that you have done.

PS: If you are a business consultant or business developer or just anyone who has ideas of how I can improve in anyway, please do contact me.

PPS: If you are a blogger please, please help me share this, apart from the fact that it's content for your blog, my story might just be the inspiration one of your readers needs to come out strong from a bad situation. Please help me publicize! I appreciate. I would also be willing to do features and interviews so please invite me.
Thank you everyone and God bless.

Signing off.


  1. Wow! Heading to the online store right away.

  2. This is Creativity with a capital “C” Mo’J….. How do you pull this off, reinventing yourself and your works. How else does one explain a retail banker turned fashion blogger turned creative designer. You were truly born on the 7th day….methinks. May God bless the works of your hands.
    Now back to the matter….you may need to patent your work oh. There are many copycats who would seize any moment to reap where they did not sow. Above all, keep trudging on - nothing good comes easy ( you already know sha). I’m proud to have been there when it all started. Ride on…and don’t stop until MUA designs permeate every end of the earth.

  3. Simply gorgeous. Congrats on this great move. My folks must check this out. The sky is ur stepping stone.

  4. Congrats on this great move. Simply gorgeous. The sky is ur stepping stone. My folks must check this out.....

  5. speechless, you just got it right the first time.....cant wait to see the real are starting strong .......


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