Friday, 19 December 2014

How I turned my adversity to advantage (Must Read)

"Often we are so concerned with what makes us feel good that we forget what makes us great. Understanding how to surmount pain, doubt, and failure is an important aspect of the game of winning at life." - Chin-Ning Chu
I was up early that fateful day. I got up from my bed and headed to the window to get some fresh air. As the gentle early morning breeze caressed my cheeks, I looked at the sky, as if to read the stars and predict my day. Somewhere amidst the twinkling stars I thought I saw a face in the cloud smiling at me. It was a sign! It was sure going to be a good day! Or so I thought.

During the course of my day, I dropped by a friend’s, to say hello, but he was leaving for lunch and asked that I accompany him. I obliged. At the restaurant, I treated myself to a very delicious African delicacy called ofe nsala (white soup). The scintillating taste of the soup was enough confirmation that the premonition I got from my star gazing earlier in the day was spot on. Little did I anticipate the fate that was to befall me later.  Somewhere between my friend’s office, the restaurant and back, I lost my wallet without realizing it. It was when we got back that I suddenly realized that I didn't have my wallet anymore. It must have fallen off when I alighted from the car or maybe I left it at the restaurant, I thought. I quickly dashed back to the car, but my wallet wasn't there. Then I rushed to the restaurant, but my wallet was nowhere to be found. I couldn't believe I had lost my precious wallet and with it bank cards, personal effects and most painful of all, money! This wasn't a good time to lose money.

 I had just quit my job to pursue my dreams of becoming an entrepreneur in the fashion industry. Working on a clothing line start up already posed enough challenges, both financially and otherwise and I really could do without an additional one. If you have been-here-done-this before, (setting out on your own), you certainly know how cash trapped you can get most times. You suddenly realize how much every penny is really worth. There are no salary payment alerts to look forward to. Oh, those alerts that seem to be a panacea to all your monetary woes are no longer there to console you. I felt sad, my day that was going so well suddenly turned gloomy. I flashed back at my star gazing episode. I made up my mind right there and then that star gazing was definitely not for me. I wanted to question God but I stopped by reminding myself I was supposed to give thanks in every situation. My demons began to speak to me – ‘quitting your job was a dumb decision ’ ‘ what were you thinking when you decided to resign, you don’t have to 'hustle' in you that those who survive without jobs do’. “you are never going to succeed.” “How on earth are you going to survive without a paycheck?” These thoughts  triggered a depression in me, only a few who have traveled this path will understand…

Getting an alert from the bank on charges for the blocking and replacement of my bank card was a poignant reminder of the fact that I was losing money when there was little or nothing coming in. But things took a different turn when I began  to think of how to  replace my wallet. I could not think of a place to get a suitable replacement for my wallet. As a matter of fact, the reason I referred to the wallet as ‘precious’ is because I came across it by chance when I bought it. And ever since I haven't seen it anywhere else nor have I seen anyone with it. The design of the wallet is beautiful, and it is not as ubiquitous as the regular wallets you see around. It was just the right size, looked unique and  had everything I wanted in a wallet. 

Just as I pondered where to get myself a new wallet, inspiration struck. “I could make one for myself with the Ankara fabric!” In the past I have seen the Ankara fabric being used for a number of products but never for a wallet. At this time my creativity was on overdrive as I was taking some classes on design. So I set about making my wallet. My first sketches were so bad, only a mother would love them, but I persevered. After hours of research, countless trials and errors and many sleepless nights, I eventually came up with my witty invention – The Ankara wallet. 
So just in case you see the Ankara wallet anywhere else after now just know that I made it first!

What sets the wallet apart is that it is unique, light weight, has an exotic look and comes in the finest of Ankara prints. 

So far my first batch of production has sold out and is well on its way to becoming a star product. While I am still working on the major project, which  is a clothing line, this makes for a good foray into the industry. Yes in these wallets all your dreams just came  true. They are fashionable, fabulously vogue and chic. You can own one of these wallets by clicking here right now. Go ahead and make a remarkable fashion statement that will turn heads and excite the senses.

Yes, I Know what some of you are thinking right now, “Mo’, I really like your wallets burr I've already got a wallet!” Well, don’t  wait till you have to learn the hard way, like me, I had my bank cards, driver's license, receipts, pictures, heck! I almost had my international passport in it, had the wallet contained it. Yea, talk about the proverbial, putting all your eggs in one basket. Please don’t have just one wallet, have as many as you can so you can at least spread your bank cards. Losing all your cards at once is not funny. Trust me now and thank me later. Lol

One of the reasons I did this post is to sell my wallet. But more importantly, it is my hope that my story will inspire you to take every negative situation you face and turn it around for good. And who knows it might be your story inspiring us next. Yes, you too can turn your lemons into lemonade.

Every disappointment comes with it an equal proportion of opportunity.- Napoleon Hill
 Please make sure you read the next post which is the post for the official launch of the wallets. If you can't wait to start shopping for your wallet click here! Limited stock available. For more info on the wallet click here.

PS: Don't fail to share this inspirational story.

See you at the next post!


  1. The rise and rise of MO'J is a story every one should be taught in business school. Leaving her thriving profession as a banker to chase her dreams. Sojourning trhough the uphills of an entrepreneur, eyes fixed on the crown, shoulders held stubbornly high. And alas, this goes to say that you can achieve anything in life, if you got the "balls" to follow though your dreams with dogged determination. MoJ, you've got all it takes. I'm proud to have known you and shared in your dream. Sold out or not, biko reserve two wallets for me. I'm buying two rightaway from

  2. This is deep and inspiring...

  3. I'm happy I woke up to this,...definitely an inspiration. Proud of you Mo'.

  4. Very inspiring read. I see you getting bigger and better in the new year. Compliments of the season by the way.

  5. #RiseMua do you deliver to lagos? I will need one for momsy this Christmas

  6. Awww! Proud of you. The Entrepreneur's path... wouldn't trade it for the world. Greater stories shall be told by you and of you. Cheers!!!

  7. Proud of you Dear!! You beat me to this lol..
    Sha waybil one to me as my bday present Moniq I am serious oo

  8. Interesting write dear,you are a RARE find and a must have,as are the wallets,so proud of you ma'am.

  9. The picture is still very much clear....reminiscing of my time with Monica Agoha, I must say I didn't see all this coming...little wonder it's said that one shouldn't judge a book by its cover.
    Watching her cry on 4/06/11; seeing her each day at work, stepping and walking slowly, nobody would have thought she had the strength of a stallion. Looking beyond the physical and heading to the mental ability of this young lady, I always saw the fire withing her whenever we exchanged ideas and discussed on different events of life. Your intelligence has never been hidden even in your soft spoken nature. The fire I saw can only correlate a lady in quest for self growth, development and satisfaction.

    Nowadays when most young ladies do nothing but spend their timing craving a man to beer his surname, you have shown that we still have sensible few that really knows what it means to be a help mate.

    I can only say kudos, ji si ike, Va bene mio amica...Mo you have got the right mojo and panache...see you at the very top...

    1. Hahaha, you mean our first day at work? Those tears were both tears of joy and frustration. Wasn't happy with my posting to the north, but looking back now, I have no regrets! Hmmm, but how come you can still remember the date?!

  10. Missed reading from you...


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