Friday, 25 April 2014

How high heels can improve your sex life

Yep! You read that right. Did you know that high heels can actually improve your sex life? And yes

 ladies, did you know you can actually tie... I mean, keep your man satisfied by wearing high heels?
More on that later. But first I want to thank every one of you, my dear readers, for coming here to read my blog. I really do appreciate your sharing this journey with me. Thank you for your comments, they inspire me and I want you to know that your words mean a lot to me.

So lets talk about high heels :-)

Don't you just love high heels, simply slipping into a pair of high heels shoes can transform your look from girl-next-door to sophisticated.

I love high heels, and I have lots of them, a little more than I should. Probably because while I was a banker I wore high heels almost on a daily basis for at least half of my working hours. You see, when I first started working in the bank I was quick to recognize that wearing high heeled shoes everyday was the norm and so given that I already loved heels, I didn't need much motivation to jump into the bandwagon.

Readers, no kidding, I wore high heels every day of the week for at least, half my working hours.If you think that is extreme, well, I know someone who I've got nothing on, her name is Sussie.

Sussie was one of my colleagues and she wore high heels more than anyone I have ever known. Her love for shoes is infectious. 

She wore her heels from morning till she gets back home at the end of the day. Most of us usually kicked ours aside to get into a comfy slippers as soon as we closed to customers.Not Sussie, she wore it all through. In her words 'fabulousity must be maintained at all times'.

Whether its in the vivacity of her steps or in the sway of her hips, I do not know. What I do know is this, Sussie is one hot mama and she rocks high heels so effortlessly you would think wearing high heels is... well, a walk in the park. lol.

I have since reduced the frequency with which I wear high heels.These days you would mostly catch me on flats.

Of course when you change careers from one where you just look good and attend to customers

 to one were you are mostly standing to draft patterns, cut or iron,

you would definitely  reconsider wearing high heels for long hours.

For better or for worse, the high heel shoe is a fashion staple every lady should have, apart from the fact that it is a fashion statement and it makes you appear taller and slimmer, it can also help you tone the muscles of your pelvic floor. Yes, by that, I mean  it can also have a huge impact on your sex life. Wearing high heeled shoes helps you have a tighter vjj and a better 'big' O (If you don't understand what I mean, I'm sorry, I can't spell it out, pls bear with me I'm still very innocent and I'm not about to lose my innocence over writing a blog lol). Ok, more seriously though, it is known that women who have strong pelvic floors have more intense orgasms and experience more sexual pleasure. A popular way to strengthen your pelvic floor is to do Kegel exercises. To practice Kegel exercises you need to contract your pelvic floor muscles for five seconds and release.You can begin with a few contractions and gradually increase the number as well as the frequency.

But ladies,y'all know that we don't remember to do our Kegel exercises. But hey! High heels to the rescue!

Studies have shown that women who wear high heels can strengthen their pelvic floor muscles. Wearing high heeled shoes changes your center of gravity and accentuates the forward curve of your spine. This causes you to tuck your pelvis, in order to counteract the effect of the forward lean on your spine.This strengthens the muscles of the pelvic floor.

Surprisingly, it is the heels that are slightly high that are optimal for your sex muscles.So if you are not a stiletto wearing sister, you won't be missing out on this!

While I was writing this article, I remembered I had once done an article on high heels. Well I want to share excerpts from the article with you. I did this article several years ago when a friend of mine asked me to write an article to be published in his magazine.This was the first time I ever wrote for someone else to read. Before then I only wrote for my own writing pleasure, usually when I wanted to ponder on paper about life issues.

Below is the email he sent me after he read the article.

Hi Darling,
I call you darling bcos after reading your piece, I cant help but call you darl.
Its interesting, thoughtful and international.
I'm presently in Delta for a workshop, as soon as I'm back I will see you.
Thanks darling.

Could it be that I have been a diamond in the rough all these years and didn't know it? lol

Anyway below is just some excerpts from the article. Pasting the entire article here will take up a lot of space. At the end of the article, you would find tips on how to walk on high heels. Read on.

"A week ago, I went shopping for one of my most expensive high heels shoes ever. I still can’t believe I spent that much on a shoe, but trying on a pair of  stiletto heels - hard on the outside, buttery soft and comfy on the inside - can reduce the most sane and poised woman into a gooey mess. There are a few experiences in life that can rival the sheer pleasure and excitement women feel when  shopping for shoes as they imagine how men would drool and how sisters would go green with envy when they walk into a room or that all important occasion . As we glance at the shelves of possibilities in these shoe shops, our eyes light up and our hearts flutter like the first time we fell in love…

Most of the shoe styles you see gliding down the runways have a long and fascinating history of several hundred or even thousands of years behind them.
High heels are a staple in the chic urban woman’s wardrobe, but this has not always been the case. In 1500’s, it was men, descendants of the European nobility who began to wear high heeled shoes in order to keep their feet in strings when riding. 

Although there are some references to heels in history prior to this, this is when it became popular for men of the courts and the term “well heeled” came to suggest “being wealthy”.
In 1533, it was the wedding of the Italian born Catherine de Medici with the duke of Orleans in France that brought high heels in vogue for women. Ladies can thank this fashion forward vertically challenged bride who set the stage in Paris for the new “it” shoe. Leonardo Da Vinci is also rumoured to be the inventor of  heels.Roger Vivier in 1954 designed the first stiletto heel with its infamous bold arch for the House of  Dior.

Love them or hate them, high heels are the most adored form of footwear ever. This is because of their extreme variety and diversity by shape, size, colour and look. They are as glamorous as they are controversial.  According to high fashion shoe websites like Jimmy Choo and Gucci, a low heel is considered less than 2.5 inches while heels between 2.5 and 3.5 inches are mid heels; anything over that is considered high.

High heeled shoes are worn for different occasions, be it just walking to the supermarket or socializing in the local restaurant or bar; or formal events and gatherings such as work, meetings, parties and weddings. In every instance, the shoe wearer remains smart, sophisticated and elegant, as well as reflects the height of fashion, ultimately, a sign of true class.

These shoes give the illusion of longer, more slender and better toned legs and they come in a wide variety of styles. The heels are found in many different shapes, including stiletto, pump (court shoe), block, tapered, blade, and wedge.

Heels for men come in the form of thicker soles – measuring between 11/2 and 11/4 inches – that lift inside the shoes. There are also shoe designs that are worn by both genders that have elevated heels, including cowboy boots and cuban heels.

No other shoe has gestured toward leisure, sexuality, and sophistication as much as the high-heeled shoe. Fraught with contradiction, heels paradoxically inhibit movement in order to increase it, at least in appearance. Standing in heels, a woman presents herself already half-walking while at the same time reducing the length of her step, fostering the illusion of speed while suggesting an imminent fall. The higher and more unstable the heel, the more clearly these contradictions are expressed.
Whatever the case high heels shoes are a must have for any fashionista or anyone looking to make a fashion statement. However, the problem most people have with high heels is being able to walk on them comfortably, confidently and elegantly. Below are step by step instructions to help you walk on high heels like you are on the catwalk.
First, make sure your chest is up, take your lower abs in and relax your hips and knees. When walking on heels, you have to let your hips relax and roll when you walk. If you try to walk with them stiff, your legs will stiffen as well since there's no flexibility at the vector.
Follow these instructions and in no time you would be walking sexy and sassy!"

So now that you know one more benefit of wearing high heels as well as how to rock them, why don't you strut your stuff to sexual bliss. lol. And for the men, you have one more motivation to buy your wives high heels!

That's all folks! keep it here for more fun stuff.

To buy a high heeled shoe online click here!

Remember to share this, there might be a sister who needs this information or a brother who knows a sister who might need this information. Hehe. You just never know. Just share.

Ok, now I feel like I need to apologize for the long post, but I can explain. You see, I don't put up blog posts very often,  that is why when I do, I try to make it worth your time and worth the read. So I try to make my content as rich as possible. Lets just say, I prefer quality to prolific. But really, I will like to know what you guys think, should I cut down on my content or should I keep them coming as-is?

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  1. Another educating and expository piece. Need to get high heeled shoes for ma lady ASAP and take our sexual life to the next level....if u know what I mean. Lol.

  2. Was I the first to comment! Oh, someone beat me to it!
    Mo'J has done it again. Undiluted, unabashed..."a rough diamond"... she gives it to us, tingling our reading pleasures with throes of excitement. Do not annotate Mo'J. Its a roller-coaster, but I'm so loving the ride. Now I know why #notsotall# girls are the best....

  3. Beautiful piece Mo'J! I'm falling in love with heels again.I would probably return to frequent wearing of heels for the singular reason of...:D. Keep it up!

  4. Awesome piece. I learnt a lot...
    Dear Mo'J, some ladies wouldn't go on heels probably because they heard stories of ankle muscle strain etc.
    But I think this is something that could bring the love between a lady and her heels back. Keep the good job going, the blogs are not too lenghty, I would read a thousand paragraph if you post. Lol.

  5. Beautiful piece cuz...
    As long as its interesting, the length doesn't matter... Keep it coming...

  6. Woowww!!! What a piece this is... So interesting and educating but people should note she didn't write this piece to promote promiscuity/fornication among singles... Thanks Mo' J, love you much...

  7. I like this piece Moniq it's what I wld do too. But here is my take on it, the truth is that it's way to lengthy!! I know almost every one will scroll so fast like I did because I got the basic point in the ist four lines so the rest for me was somtin you cld put up in another post. Keep in mind that pictures tell stories so many times you don't need to write so much becos the pics will do the talking. You write so well I must commend you. So I say less lengthy talk, just the basics, more write up( weekly). Mwah

  8. Replies
    1. Nice piece. How can I get high heels for Men? :-(..... :)

  9. True makes her a vixen.don't mind her still in it wen we home and gettin our freak-on.hehehe

  10. Wow this is a master piece
    I am electrified on this awesome work Monica
    I wonder why this time around you decided to talk this subject?
    I am indeed schooled by great research

  11. Nice piece.
    your write up is attention droning (seductive I must say).
    A short piece would be all the more enticing.

  12. Hilarious,I laughed genuinely at most parts of it,"could it be that I have been a diamond in the rough. ..."I can't stop laughing jhoor. Wonderful piece, a bit too informative as we are in Nigeria and it's a crime around here to be too smart, or knowledgeable. Hahaha

  13. Insightful and seductive

  14. Though lenghty but superb. This is indeed an 'intellectual revelation'. I pledge to include a high heeled shoe to every of milady's gift-pack. @marc_sam

  15. Cool blog. The title caught my attention and felt let down when you went on and on and and on about shoes instead of how I can use the heels to make my sex life more exciting. Would have love to read about different positions I can strut with the heels. .

    1. Lol, if it's sex positions you want, check again next time :-)

  16. Siji Akinsoyinu4 May 2014 at 00:56

    Hmmm High heels are good,fashionable,sassy...true, they may enhance the hips,buttocks and sexuality of our ladies,and can be a great turn on for most men but it also comes at a price-it could be hazardous if there are "accidental slips" which can lead to painful sprains,fractures in the ankle region and foot.No doubt it is fashionable but risks are worthy of mention here.

  17. Really nice, educating and true .Nice 1 MO'J

  18. hmmmmm.....someone needs to start giving heels as gifts. Very interesting and educating honey. Keep them coming.

  19. Wonderful work of art. I love the class and elegance associated with the heels; but this is an eye-opener. More of this, Mon. Keep them coming.

  20. Thank you all, your comments will be kept in view as I write future blog posts :-) I appreciate them all.

  21. Moniq, you were born for this! nice articulation, superb & effortless delivery. Thanks for
    being so real, I had mad fun reading this, highly educative & so encouraging for a pump addict like me


  23. Kisses to you Mo'J! Quite an impressive piece. You r born to do this, keep it up.

  24. MO'J, these are great creative, educative and well researched pieces. Can't but agree with our friends who think these should be made available to a wider audience in due course. U are certainly headed in the right direction. Pls keep them coming. More grease to your elbows.

  25. I luv ur piece, rili opened my eyez to a lot of tinz! So whtz d O thingy, I wanna know o! Lol

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